The Last Train

Tuesday 5 December 2006
by Nadia Darmon.H
popularity : 2%

"The fact that there were Jews still living in Berlin as late as 1943 was an affront to Nazi decency and so Goebbels decided to make Berlin ’Judenfrei’ as a birthday present to his Fuhrer.

THE LAST TRAIN focuses on four families as the train ride takes them through their last vestiges of hope; through the conflicts to attempt or not to attempt an escape; through the realization that every moment now is perhaps their last and therefore that this time of horror, hunger, thirst and degradation might also be the most precious of their lives. The present is contrasted with a series of flashbacks that bring alive the richness of their lives before the rise of the Third Reich. Their memories and love for each other are inviolate even as the last train approaches the gates of Auschwitz." Source : Museum of Tolerance - Los Angeles -

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